format Heads 

Mitch Mills - SVP Hot AC Promotion

Greg Dorfman -SVP of Rock Promotion

Tommy Nappi - SVP of Top 40 Promotion

Melanie Scull - VP of Top 40 Promotion

Phil Kaso - Director of Rock Promotion

Myra Dehais - SVP of Promotions, West Coast/Alternative

Jason Martin - VP of Triple A Promotion


Mark Chotiner- West Coast Regional Director


Darrin Schnur-Southeast Regional Director 

Nadia Canales- Southwest Regional Manager

Ric Austin- Southeast Regional Manager

Maria Garcia- Northeast Regional Manager

Bill Millman- Northeast Regional Manager

Jes Hogan- Midwest Regional Manager

Nick Marquez- Midwest Regional Manager

Jamie Willis- Pacific Northwest Regional Manager

Katie Kushner - Promotion Assistant


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